The PBCC Philosophy
Plant in Hands Daycare - Greene, NY

Learning and Caring

PBCC Owner/Operator, Josephine Roselle believes that children need love, attention, patience, and consistency in order to learn and thrive. The education of a child is not limited to classroom learning but extends into everything a teacher does with a child - from observing plants and animals in nature, to baking cookies, to picking up toys – each occasion is a learning opportunity.

While children at PBCC will learn to follow directions and complete activities as a part of a linear, structured process, they will also be given the opportunity to create through imaginative play and explore areas of interest. It is well understood that each child learns uniquely and often at different levels. Teachers at PBCC are trained to identify and appreciate each child’s unique learning style and abilities and can tailor lesson plans and performance expectations based on this understanding, allowing every child to reach his individual goals.

PBCC accepts every child at every level of development and ability. Josephine has a special love for children with disabilities and has done Masters coursework to be able to better serve this community of students. PBCC believes that all students benefit from a diverse classroom environment with opportunities for children with special needs to profit from interaction with their typical peers.